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Customer experience is crucial at WiSion Media and Drafting

Customer experience is crucial at WiSion Media and Drafting

Launch Namibia introduced their entrepreneurs of the week, Vaughan Weiss and Veronica Frederico, co-founders of WiSion Media and Drafting.

Launch said WiSion and Drafting expresses ideas and innovation in 3D, which means that they remove the frustration of clients trying to express their ideas by recreating them in 3D and then generating something that everyone will understand whether in image form or animation.

Co-Founders, Weiss and Frederico elaborated that they provide services such as product design and 3D animation, info-graphics, illustrations, storyboarding, video post editing, architectural animation and event mock-up designs.

The driving force behind WiSion is a team that understands animation, the detail in 3D modelling and the complexities behind designs and innovations. Collaborating brings experiences and innovation together, this then allows for a very favourable platform to learn,” added the duo.

They said the biggest mistake you can make as a start-up is undervaluing yourself, because if you undervalue your product or service, you not only affect your business but also negatively affect the industry in which you operate.

You also risk overexerting and frustrating yourself to make that financial breakthrough. Another challenge we faced was setting up proper structures and operations to ensure smooth work flow, to scale your business and provide consistent service as you grow,” they emphasised.

They said customer experience is curial and WiSion prides themselves in being centred on providing a tailored experience for every customer, by keeping in mind the clients’ needs while finding the best fit to deliver them. “Throughout the process, the designer involves the client in every stage, ensuring that the final product is exactly what the client desired in the first place, if not more,” concluded the two young entrepreneurs.

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