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AI-powered consultant set to improve customer service levels at Gondwana Collection facilities

AI-powered consultant set to improve customer service levels at Gondwana Collection facilities

Gondwana Collection Namibia has revealed a new AI-powered customer care consultant, dubbed GECCO (Gondwana Electronic Customer Care Operative).

The initiative was developed in response to the growing volume of customer messages. GECCO provides prompt and accurate answers to clients’ questions, thereby improving overall customer service levels, Gondwana said in a statement on Monday.

As a state-of-the-art AI consultant, GECCO is constantly learning and evolving to provide reliable
information. While it may not be perfect in answering subjective questions, it sources factual data from our “Grounding” software and database.

“GECCO was designed primarily to answer Gondwana-related queries with over 95% accuracy. However, it can also provide information about Namibia, though with slightly less accuracy. Our team continually works to enhance GECCO’s performance in this area,” the statement read.

According to Gondwana, GECCO is capable of communicating in multiple languages, including English, Afrikaans, German, French, and Italian, to better assist our diverse clientele.

“In instances where GECCO cannot answer a question or if a potential problem arises, our decision-making software will promptly redirect the conversation to a human consultant. We understand that some clients may prefer to speak directly with a real consultant. To accommodate this, we have included a “Connect to Consultant” button at the bottom of every response form from GECCO. By clicking this button, clients can easily connect with a Gondwana consultant,” the statement explained.

“We are committed to providing exceptional customer service and believe that GECCO will play a significant role in enhancing our client’s experiences. We welcome any feedback as we continue to refine and develop this innovative AI consultant,” they concluded.

Gondwana Collection will soon release a podcast with GECCO’s masterminds, Louis van den Berg (middle) and Salim Katjivirue (l.), as well as Gondwana’s CEO, Gys Joubert. (Photograph by Prostudio).


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