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Hunting season begins

The Ministry of Environment and Tourism has announced the beginning of this year’s hunting season.
The hunting season started on Wednesday 01 May and will end on 31 August in the case of commercial farms of not less than 1000 hectares which are enclosed with registered game proof fences and on registered Conservancies where quotas have been approved for huntable game species.
For commercial farms not less than 1000 hectares in size which are enclosed with an adequate fence (normal livestock fence), huntable game species can be hunted beginning 01 June 2013 to 31 July 2013.
For this year’s hunting season, a single hunter on a commercial farm will be allowed to hunt a total of three large game animals;or a total of two large game and four small game animals; or a total of one large game and eight small game animals; or a total of twelve small game animals.
Large game species consists of Kudu, Oryx and Red Hartebeest while small game species consists of Springbok and Warthog.
No person shall hunt more than one Kudu during the hunting season. However, the ministry said  that such limitations do not apply in cases where permission is granted for the hunting of game animals on a farm which is enclosed with a registered game proof fence.
Prior permission from the Directorate of Veterinary Services in the Ministry of Agriculture, Water and Forestry, is required to transport warthog or a part of a warthog from the land where it was obtained and for any game meat or product of game meat or game birds or products of game birds to be exported from Namibia.
Police authorities will not allow the importation of any automatic firearm or handgun by visiting hunters unless they can present a letter of invitation from the farm owner, lessee or Conservancy committee where the hunt will take place.

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