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Software-defined WAN helps businesses reduce overheads and increase network performance

Software-defined WAN helps businesses reduce overheads and increase network performance

Telecom Namibia this week announced that it now offers simplified and secure SD-WAN options for multiple branch office operations, with enhanced efficiency.

“This solution enables Telecom customers to leverage the latest technologies and meet the bandwidth demands that today’s hybrid work model and other factors are placing on their networks.”

The product is available as standalone SD-WAN offerings or hybrid solutions added to existing MPLS/BizConnect links. This end-to-end solution integrates branch interconnection routers, campus switches, Wi-Fi access, and a unified network management platform.

Telecom Namibia’s Senior Manager of Product Research & Development, Isak Ouseb, said that the SD-WAN solution offers organizations with multiple branches the option to be managed from one central SD-WAN controller over a secured and optimized connection. This enables the organization to save bandwidth and money and gives users faster connectivity.

Ouseb further stated that Telecom’s experts will guide clients through the numerous benefits of the SD-WAN solution, such as providing voice and data services to businesses across Namibia using satellite, fiber, and wireless networks.

“Telecom SD-WAN benefits businesses by reducing overhead costs and increasing network performance. The solution cuts out expensive routing and hardware costs while offering benefits such as Increased Application Performance and Visibility, enhanced Agility and Responsiveness, simplified WAN Edge Architecture, improved WAN Security, lower WAN Costs, and Integrated 4G/LTE capability,” he concluded.


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