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Investment Board highlights envisaged opportunities in hydrogen and hydrocarbons

Investment Board highlights envisaged opportunities in hydrogen and hydrocarbons

An information session for the youth exceeded all expecations when nearly 100 young people turned up in person with another 25 joining via facebook under the label Oxungi Youth Engagement Forum.

The event, hosted by the Namibia Investment Promotion and Development Board on Friday 19 May as an interactive and collaborative group discussion, informed the youth about a range of available economic opportunities. It did not flinch from such critical issues as the reasons why the Namibian economy consistently fails to create a sufficient number of meaningful job opportunities for its younger generation.

The Investment Board’s Chief Executive, Ms Nangula Uaandja explained this conundrum through her profound understanding of the economy, highlighting future prospects that have the potential to drive growth.

Her contribution focussed on diversification and the commensurate benefits, pointing out that recent developments hold good promise for more employment in technical and menial jobs.

She encouraged the youth to consider vocational training, particularly for positions related to Green Hydrogen and Oil & Gas. “With the advancement of the Green Hydrogen industry and the Oil and Gas discoveries, it is up to you to take advantage and offer the goods and services demanded within these sectors. Find that value within yourself and bring that value to market,” Ms Uaandja said.

The Board said the forum was but the first step in a chain of engagements to lend support to young people. “The ultimate aim is to create an inclusive environment where no voice is left unheard, and no one is left behind,” she said.


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