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Happiness is a journey – Economist Businesswomen Club’s first 2020 networking breakfast

Happiness is a journey – Economist Businesswomen Club’s first 2020 networking breakfast

The Economist Businesswomen Club held their first networking breakfast session last week at the Am Weinberg Conference Centre.

At the event the current Namibian Businesswoman of the Year, Hendrina Hango-Ndakola welcomed the guest speaker, Hermien Elago as well as the large group of business and professional women who attended. Hermien is a professional speaker and fitness awareness creator.

Hango-Ndakola told the women that it is important for them to be healthy (mind, body and spirit) to deliver, and advised them to develop themselves every chance they get and to put it all into practice, “because knowledge without practice is useless.”

Guest speaker Hermien Elago serves on the Board of the Professional Speakers Association of Namibia (PSAN) and is the current Global Speakers Federation Ambassador for Namibia. In her address, she encouraged the ladies to have shame resilience.

“Everybody has their struggles, fall forward in your journey and embrace the suck days,” she added.

Elago who is a recovering emotional eater and recovering food addict has been on this weight loss journey for more than six years, finding along the way that everybody has their own struggle.

“It sucks to have a salad instead of a burger but embrace it and work toward something,” she emphasised.

She recommended the ladies to embrace their identity. “How you treat people is what counts the most and happiness is a journey,” she added.

Elago said the ladies should always take care of themselves before they can help anybody else. “Be your own hero, save yourself, no one in the world should be cheering for you more than you are cheering for yourself, and have verbal affirmations for yourself when the going gets tough,” she emphasised.

Furthermore she advised the ladies to have a purpose in life and to have a strong mindset.

“You get a strong mindset by telling yourself the right things, by loving yourself at your highest and lowest points in life. Take 100% responsibility for yourself and never quit,” she concluded.

Meanwhile, Elago used the power of story and the vehicle that is fitness to overcome limited beliefs through her personal transformation in an honest, vulnerable, raw and sometimes humorous manner and has inspired others to do the same so that they too can experience change and transformation in all areas of their lives.

The Economist Businesswomen Club provides a forum for the exchange of ideas and expertise. Through planned networking, it encourages the personal development and management skills of its members to advance the standing and power of women.

Caption: Hermien Elago, Professional Speaker and Fitness Awareness Creator with Hendrina Hango-Ndakola, Namibian Businesswoman of the Year 2019.


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