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Above all, it’s a Jaguar !

Above all, it’s a Jaguar !

Reigning Namibian Businesswoman of the Year, Nangula Kauluma’s (right) hectic schedule continued this week as she met one of the sponsors of the Awards, Jaguar Windhoek.

Despite the animal itself, the Jaguar, often described as nocturnal, Kauluma visited the Jaguar Windhoek showroom in the morning, where she met with Jaguar Windhoek’s Dealer Principal Albert Pretorious (middle), the organiser of the awards and Marketing Manager of the Economist, Desèré Lundon-Muller (left) as well as the F-TYPE R-Dynamic Convertible Jaguar which is guaranteed to awaken one’s senses, as well as add an assertive presence with powerful, distinctive style.

As the reigning Businesswoman of the Year, Kauluma had the priviledge to experience the vehicles at the sponsors showroom and in future endevaours will have opportunities to intermittently use a Jaguar vehicle depending on its availability at the dealership.



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