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Fraud warning by Sanlam

Sanlam has recently issued a statement warning life insurance clients about a news scam after it became aware that a syndicate of people currently targets the life insurance industry. “Clients of life insurance companies are called and informed that their policies are in arrears, have lapsed or that claims procedures can be sped up. The victim is then requested to deposit money into a certain bank account in order to claim money, or to be assisted. These criminals are relentless.

They often target people who place death notices in the paper or on social networks. In this manner they abuse innocent victims who are suffering the loss of a loved one for their own vile agendas,” said Evans Simataa, General Manager: Corporate and Public Support at Sanlam Namibia. “We are aware of such cases where these criminals pretend to be representatives of Sanlam Namibia or Namlife, and where they call clients or beneficiaries of policies to ‘assist’ them with their claims, but on the condition that money is first paid into a specific bank account.” Simataa pointed out that Sanlam Namibia and Namlife does NOT request clients to first make a payment to the company in order for their claims to be processed: “We’re in the business of paying claims, not claiming payments.” Clients are warned to be alert and if in doubt, they should contact Sanlam Namibia at 061-294 7111.

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