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Is it a felis, is it a canis, no it’s a diminutive equus

Is it a felis, is it a canis, no it’s a diminutive equus

A pony that could not make up its mind whether he is feline or canine, bluffed all the judges in a recent pet competition and fetched his owner the grand prize of a N$5000 voucher for Metro.

Named Gummy Bear, the pony belongs to Vesta Burmeister who said she entered her loverly pony as the competition was looking for “unique” pets and not only cats and dogs. Much like Pig snatching the laurels from the sheep dogs in Babe.

The CANINE/FELINE BOBTAIL competition ran from November last year, asking pet owners to enter their pets for the grand prize, the only condition being that the pet must be unique.

Competition organiser, Marlize Maree of Tonality Solutions, said “The participation in this competition has been overwhelming and 159 entries were received for the most unique pet. We chose to award a pet and its owner for their unique looks and not their beauty. There are so many competitions for the best groomed, prettiest pet that we decided to give attention to the most unique pet, also because not all pets are pedigree, but they are still very special to their owners.”

Overall winner Gummy Bear the pony with proud owner Vesta Burmeister and Marlize Maree (right) from Tonality solutions.


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