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Namport responds to tender allegations

Dear sir,
Namport would like to respond to media releases that have enjoyed prominence in various local newspapers concerning the procurement processes of Namport, of note being the pre – qualification of one tenderer in the Engineering Procurement and Construction (EPC) tender of the New Port of Walvis Bay Container Terminal, that being, China Harbour Engineering Company Ltd as well as the pending review application before the High Court of Namibia concerning the tug boat tender, which was awarded to Damen Shipyards Cape Town (Pty) Ltd.
As regards the latter, we wish to advise the nation that Namport shall be filing its opposing papers at the High Court of Namibia shortly in reply to the allegations made by Centani Investment CC in the said review application.
Following on the foregoing, save to state that Namport has followed a due, open and transparent approval process, and that it is confident that it has acted fully in the best interest of Namport, it is not at liberty to divulge any information thereon as the review application is sub judice.
Without commenting on any and all allegations contained in the said articles, which allegations are in any event vigorously and steadfastly denied, as it is devoid of truth, merit, misguided and without basis, Namport herewith wishes to assure not only the Namibian people, the SADC region, but all persons worldwide that any and/or all decisions taken by Namport are in line with its policies, procedures and internal processes. Further, it need be categorically stated that due consideration of a matter requiring a decision or recommendation is given at all the relevant levels prior to an informed decision being taken.
According to the Namibia’s edition of 6th December 2011 in an article entitled “ACC clears N$ 2 billion Namport tender”, the said article corroborates Namport’s version that it has complied with its policies, procedures and internal processes.
Namport has always and shall continue to use the principles of transparency, fairness, impartiality, and good corporate governance as a yardstick in coming to its decisions.
It need also be pointed out that Namport has very clear objectives and that is to serve the Namibian people, the region and the international market and most importantly to contribute to the development of Namibia and any notion that suggests otherwise is refuted in totality.
To this end, Namport’s omission to deal with all the allegations set out in the articles of the various local newspapers should not be interpreted to mean that Namport has waived its rights to so do and all the rights of Namport remain fully reserved.
Bisey /Uirab
Chief Executive Officer

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