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Bianca Muller appointed Nedbank’s Human Resources Executive

Bianca Muller appointed Nedbank’s Human Resources Executive

Nedbank Namibia recently appointed Bianca Muller, a seasoned professional with over 20 years of work experience,  as the bank’s  Human Resources (HR) Executive.

She brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in various business disciplines, specifically in human resource management, a role she held for the past five years at an executive level in the fishing industry.

She also holds an honours degree in Marketing and a certificate in Advanced Human Resources Management. Recently, she submitted her final dissertation as part of her studies toward a master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) from the Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town (UCT).

Muller reiterated that her education, coupled with her professional experience, has equipped her with the necessary skill sets to lead high-performing teams.

With a passion for empowering and inspiring individuals to discover their unique purpose, she says her expertise and leadership style has enabled her to lead initiatives for change effectively and guide teams through uncertain times.

Muller’s experience in HR started nearly two decades ago in the banking sector, where she was first exposed to all the traditional functions within HR, including recruitment and selection, industrial relations, training and development, and remuneration.

Martha Murorua, Managing Director of Nedbank Namibia, expressed her confidence in this addition to the bank’s team, stating that with it comes to a renewed commitment towards developing and mentoring employees for success.

“We are delighted to welcome Bianca to our executive team. With her expertise and invaluable knowledge, she is sure to provide an extra boost of capability that will enable the organisation’s growth. We look forward to seeing new opportunities unfold under her leadership,” said Murorua.

Knowing how vital it is for any company’s success to connect HR best practices to business strategy, Bianca seeks to evolve the role of HR into an invaluable strategic partner. At the core of her duties is developing a strong employer brand that will attract and retain top talent, making Nedbank a desired place to work, bank, and invest.

Muller quoted the author, Carla Harris, one of her most admired and influential global leaders, as follows: ‘Your authenticity is at the heart of your power and the heart of YOUR powerful, impactful leadership’.

“I truly believe that everyone was born with a unique gift and therefore we are all capable of achieving the remarkable. When leaders inspire this uniqueness to shine, it helps people discover their true purpose and unmatched potential, and my role is to foster an environment where everyone is inspired to bring out their unique self,” Muller concluded.


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