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Nurses training elevated by research agreement between vocational training centre and science commission

Nurses training elevated by research agreement between vocational training centre and science commission

A Memorandum of Understanding signed this week Thursday paves the way for closer collaboration between a vocational training institute, and the National Commission for Research, Science and Technology.

The MoU was signed between the Commission and Welwitschia University, an young nurses training institution representing the Clara Barton School of Nursing. The intention is to strengthen research that leads to improved vocational training for Namibian professional nurses. The MoU will enable the two institutions to undertake planned collaborative enterprise research, development, innovation and training activities that are of mutual interest to both parties.

Speaking at the signing ceremony, the commission’s acting Chief Executive, Mrs Enid Keramen said “the terms of this MoU require a symbiotic and reciprocal approach by both parties. A Joint Technical Committee will be established to coordinate and streamline all activities, but more specifically to establish a three-year Action Plan that will serve as working guidelines for the duration that this agreement remains in force.”

Vice Chancellor of Welwitschia University, Prof Sholastika Ipinge said “the memorandum is an opportunity to strengthen research, development and innovation programmes in Health, Social and Management Sciences in Namibia which we believe is a shared responsibility between public and private partners.”

“Through this MoU, the parties intend to develop human capacity for improved research and innovation, to build capacity for postgraduate students in the area of research and innovation writing as well as to jointly promote the research and development of Health Welfare Technology” stated Mrs Keramen.

Welwitschia University trades as Welwitschia Health and Training Centre.



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