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DHPS welcomes 83 grade 1 learners

DHPS welcomes 83 grade 1 learners

The enrolment ceremony for 83 grade 1 learners was held on 25 January by the Deutsche Hohere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS).

Principal Kristin Eichhols said that for the new learners and their families, it is a very special step in the children’s lives, a whole new and perhaps their greatest independence.

“The first school day of this year’s grade 1 at DHPS was all about friendships and diversity,” added Eichhols.

On the day, Youth Deacon Markus Laegel embarked on a tour of the savannah with the children and visitors and told them the story of how the rhinoceros and the giraffe mastered their first day of school despite external differences and became friends in no time.

Head of the DHPS Primary School, Conni Hecht told the eager listeners how the little shark found many new friends through courage, tolerance, compassion, and trust

The School explained that one of the highlights every year is the performance by the second graders to welcome the new school children into the school community and the song, Du gehorst zu uns, wir gehoren zu dir, wenn du Freunde schst, dann findest du sie hie, which means you belong with us, we belong with you, if you’re looking for a friend, you’ll find them here, underlining the welcoming spirit of the school.

“In keeping with the traditional welcome ceremony at DHPS, the oldest learners took the youngest under their wing and the twelfth graders accompanied the little newcomers to their classrooms and through the exciting morning,” they said.

The School wishes all the first graders a good start to their school life and is happy that they are here. “you complete the school community in the 2023 school year,” they concluded.


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