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BeFree Centre of Excellence construction site at phase 1

BeFree Centre of Excellence construction site at phase 1

The First Lady of Namibia, Monica Geingos, Minister of Sport, Youth and National Services, Agnes Tjongarero, and Deputy Minister of Sport, Youth and National Services, Emma Kantema-Gaomas, visited the BeFreeYouth Centre of Excellence (BCE) construction site recently.

BCE, Pillar Leader, Saddam Biwa guided everyone through the #BeFree Clinic which forms part of phase 1 of the project currently being constructed.

“To have most of our key stakeholders, partners and the entire consulting team here shows just how committed everyone is and this reinforces the belief in our shared vision to create a space that is going to empower the current and next generation of young Namibians,” he emphasized.

10 learners from A. I Steenkamp Primary School where also on site as part of One Economy Foundation’s continued community engagements and was taught about different building processes and were given a crash course on how to plaster a wall by the construction professionals on site.

“#BeFree will continue to involve the community in the construction process of the#BeFree Centre of Excellence and phase 1 has already provided jobs to skilled labourers from the immediate surrounding area to work on-site,” added the One Economy Foundation.

A team from Ava Care Health, Africure Pharmaceuticals and the entire construction consulting team working on the project all were present.


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