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Transportation network – safe, efficient, sustainable

The Roads Authority Chief Executive Officer, Conrad Lutombi (Photograph by Musa Carter)

The Roads Authority Chief Executive Officer, Conrad Lutombi (Photograph by Musa Carter)

The first ever Namibia Technology Transfer Centre was officially launched this week through the collaborative effort of the Ministry of Works and Transport, the Federal Highway Administration from USA and the Roads Authority.
“The objective of the centre is to promote a safe, efficient and sustainable transportation network through innovation and the provision and application of new research and technology’ said the Roads Authority Chief Executive, Conrad Lutombi.
Lutombi said the services the centre offers include the acquisition and dissemination of information pertaining to the construction, maintenance and rehabilitation of the national road network. It will also create a networking platform that enables skills and information transfer to achieve economical and quality roads. “The centre will also encourage information sharing through different mediums e.g. electronic library services. It will update stakeholders on national, regional and international engineering associations and other bodies such as PIARC and the International Road Federation, on activities and development work undertaken”he stated.

At the launch, the Roads Authority’s, Network Planning and Consultation Manager, Rauna Hanghuwo said one of the main challenges with the road network is the lack of quality material for the construction and maintenance of the country’s roads. “The Association of Southern African National Road Agencies is setting up guidelines for the use of sand for road construction. The Research and Development Unit of the Roads Authority under which the Technology Transfer, which we are launching today falls, is party to this regional project” she explained. Currently there are more than 200 transportation-related Technology Transfer centres which have been established around the world. Hanghuwo stated that the Roads Authority remains committed to the management of a safe and efficient national road network to support economic growth.

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