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Huawei’s Yang Chaobin launches all-band 5G Solution Series

Huawei’s Yang Chaobin launches all-band 5G Solution Series

At the Global Mobile Broadband Forum 2022 held last week, Yang Chaobin, President of Huawei ICT Products & Solutions and Huawei Wireless Solution, released the One 5G concept and set of solutions designed to facilitate the evolution of all bands to 5G.

“5G is in the fast lane,” Yang said. “The future calls for the evolution of all bands to 5G. Huawei’s All-Band 5G Solution series will help customers build 5G networks with optimal performance, ultimate experiences, and minimal energy consumption.”

5G has been commercialized for three years. It has developed rapidly in terms of network coverage, devices, and user scale. 5G delivers a more HD and immersive digital experience to consumers and has accelerated digital transformation across industries. It has improved the way people work and the production efficiency of industries. In terms of 5G network construction, operators focused on TDD and mmWave development during the initial phase, but recently TDD+FDD convergence has been the choice for most operators.

Moving forward, all connections and services will evolve to 5G, and so will all bands. Huawei has developed the One 5G concept and solutions to maximize the capabilities of all bands and facilitate in-depth coordination between bands, which lays the groundwork for the construction of efficient and cost-effective 5G networks.

MetaAAU with ELAA Improves TDD Uplink and Downlink Coverage While Reducing Energy Consumption

A combination of TDD high bandwidth and Massive MIMO has enabled a cross-generation 5G experience. It is important to provide better coverage and higher capacity with lower energy consumption, which has inspired a series of new TDD Massive MIMO solutions.

Huawei’s MetaAAU boosts performance and energy efficiency to new levels, by making use of extremely large antenna array (ELAA) technology, as well as innovative software and hardware coordination. MetaAAU has been deployed at scale around the world. It has been proven to boost uplink and downlink coverage and user experience while consuming less energy.

Products with a wider bandwidth will be a must-have for operators to fulfill new band allocation needs and simplify the ultra-wide bandwidth deployment. Huawei’s new 800 MHz MetaAAU supports current deployment on C-Band and enables simplified deployment on the future new spectrums.

For scenarios with limited antenna installation space, Huawei provides Meta BladeAAU, which uniquely combines Meta and Blade technologies, to allow for easy deployment of MetaAAU and all sub-3GHz bands on a single pole, making it ideal for single-antenna scenarios.



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