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Imperial and National Bioproducts Institute announces African partnership

Imperial and National Bioproducts Institute announces African partnership

Imperial, owned by DP World, this week in a statement announced that it’s market access healthcare business and the National Bioproducts Institute NPC (NBI) have entered into a partnership that will make plasma-derived medicinal products (PDMPs) available to patients in seven countries across Africa.

During the establishment of the partnership, both companies evaluated PMDPs appropriate for the African continent in terms of disease/disorder burden.

This landmark partnership aims to increase the availability of life-saving medicines to patients in these countries, including products that are essential in surgical and critical care settings for the treatment of extensive burns, protein replacement, and fluid resuscitation, as well as for Rhesus incompatibility that may occur in pregnant women.

“Given our leading position in African healthcare supply chain management, we are excited about this partnership, which will increase patient access to vital life-saving medicines across the continent, leveraging Imperial’s extensive network and experience across all healthcare supply chain channels in Africa,” said Johan Truter, CEO of Imperial’s Market Access business.

“Partnering with NBI is well-aligned with our Market Access strategy of increasing our relevance in existing industries, and specifically speaks to our generic pharmaceutical and backward integration strategic focus areas”.

Imperial and NBI aim to grow this partnership to service more patients across the continent.

‘‘Burns have been identified by the World Health Organization as a global public health concern, with an estimated 180 000 deaths annually, and the vast majority occurring in low- and middle-income countries such as those in the WHO-African region. To be a part of improving the access and availability of life-saving medicines in Africa through this partnership is both essential and extremely valuable for African communities and countries at large,’’ said David Stubbings, CEO of NBI.

As part of Imperial’s purpose to connect Africa and the world and improve people’s lives, the Market Access business seeks to connect every African patient to quality healthcare, every day. This partnership with NBI is in line with this ambition and Imperial’s ‘Gateway to Africa’ strategy.

Imperial is an African-focused provider of integrated market access and logistics solutions. With a focus on the following key industries – healthcare, consumer, automotive, chemicals, industrial, and commodities – we take our clients’ and principals’ products to some of the fastest-growing and most challenging markets in the world.


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