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Eye clinic connects by Molex

Eye clinic connects by Molex

DB Space, local total solutions provider in networking to the information and communications technology industry has recently been showcased by Molex internationally for the supply of Power Cat 6, PowerCat 5e and Fibre Optic solutions to the Olympia Eye and Laser Centre in Windhoek.
DB Space is the sole distributor of Molex in Namibia and the use of Molex at the Olympia Eye and Laser Centre afforded them the opportunity to use the installation as a case study that has international exposure.
Philip Galliano, owner of DB Space said of the accomplishment, “Molex is a flagship cabling solutions brand internationally and it helps that the client researches his options, is technologically knowledgeable and knows exactly what he wanted.”
“The installer is Cabling Solutions, with whom we have a very good relationship and it was no coincidence that they have worked with the Olympia Eye and Laser Centre for more than 16 years. Because there was a lot of product knowledge from the client’s side and insight into the client’s present and future requirements from the installer, Molex was the obvious choice for cabling this outfit,” he added.
The Olympia Eye and Laser Centre is a continuously evolving and highly technologically sophisticated operation. Established in 1996, The Olympia Eye and Laser Centre is fully equipped to diagnose and treat a vast array of eye problems and perform corrective surgical procedures.
Diagnostically, patients are put through a series of exhaustive tests that thoroughly assess various aspects of the eye that need medical or corrective attention. Each test is done using a specialist piece of equipment and just before patients are diagnosed by a consulting ophthalmologist, these different tests are collated digitally at one converging point.
Molex Premise Networks has delivered IT infrastructure solutions with the aim of maximising performance and increasing efficiency for its client base for 30 years and has developed an organisational culture of setting very high industry standards and exceeding customer expectations.

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