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Katuka mentors more businesswomen

A contingent of 15 mentors and mentees from all walks of life graced the Katuka Mentorship Programme for this year which was held at the University of Namibia Library. The annual programme aims at providing guidance to young professional and business women on business development as well as provide a platform for women to share experiences and make professional and business contacts. This year’s Mentorship Program included Iiue Kauta, Mervyan Konje, Ndeshetelwa Kambonde, Ravna Jacob, Nakanyala Johanna, Pamela Kashamba, Emily Ndokosho, Daphnes !Owoses, Jennifer Mbauruna, ndinao Ilovu, Ndapewa Hangula, Olivia Haludilu, Brumhilde Abi Lakkis, Jean-Mary Mushongo and Sabine Ruigg.(Photograph by Musa Carter)

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