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Editors Forum tells journalists to avoid dangerous situations

Editors Forum tells journalists to avoid dangerous situations

The Editors Forum of Namibia this week reprimanded journalists by urging them to never expose themselves to harmful situations and avoid getting caught up in the middle of a conflict.

This is in response to protests at China Town in which the Namibian Police Force used anti-riot weapons that led to and caused injuries to journalists covering the protests.

Forum Chairman, Frank Steffen, said media houses and practitioners must follow all public demonstrations and unrest, “but to make it a point to never align themselves publicly to any of the beliefs of the parties concerned, except them covering the media event.”

Steffen said journalists must always clearly identify themselves as media representatives especially when entering an area of conflict.

The Editor’s Forum also condemned the Namibian Police for using excessive force to get the public demonstrations under control.

“Although the Editor’s Forum recognises that the Namibian police is responsible for law and order, which entitles them to follow due process, the Editor’s Forum would like to implore the police to resort to physical force as an absolute last resort,” Steffen said.


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