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TransNamib dismisses retrenchment allegations

This week, rail-transporter TransNamib shot down widespread allegations that it would retrench an estimated 1000 workers, insisting that employees were encouraged to take up what it deemed ‘attractive’ voluntary retrenchment packages.

Its spokesperson, Struggle Ihuhua was not at a loss for words. “This article is devoid of all truth which subsequently created a grossly misleading impression about the Board and management of this state-owned enterprise. I want to unequivocally state, in no uncertain terms, that TransNamib has under no circumstances planned to subject our employees through a retrenchment process.
“We are on record for having initiated good faith dialogue with our recognised social partners, NATAU for a voluntary early retirement process inclusive of attractive voluntary exit packages as incentives to reduce the wage bill that exerts tremendous pressure on the company’s resources. Likewise, our turnaround strategy wishes to apply the same principle to streamline the company’s operations for TransNamib to focus and deliver its core function of rail operations with precision,” Ihuhua stated.
“All these plans, are of strategic nature, and are therefore, solely the prerogative of TransNamib’s shareholder, the Government, whose pronouncement is pending at this stage,” Ihuhua stressed.
“It is therefore, unfortunate and regrettable, that such sensitive matter was grossly and inaccurately published causing great concern and uncertainty amongst our valued employees, their families, the public, our stakeholders and subsequently TransNamib’s shareholder,” Ihuhua concluded.

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