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Ondonga Chief pays visit to Geingob

Ondonga Chief pays visit to Geingob

The Chief of the Ondonga Traditional Authority Omukwaniilwa Fillemon Shuumbwa this week paid a courtesy visit to the President, Dr Hage Geingob at State House, where he pledged support in furthering unity and the developmental objectives of the government.

Commending the Ondonga Traditional Authority for the cohesion they display in the management of their affairs, the President used the occasion to remind traditional authorities that the government would not interfere in the succession disputes the authorities.

Geingob further implored the authorities to solve succession and leadership disputes in line with customary law and traditional customs. He stressed that culture was important for the vitality of a nation, stating that “a nation without a culture is not a nation”.

Geingob added that no traditional authority enjoyed precedence over others and all are welcome to the Presidency.


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