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Fully vaccinated NamPower employees to receive N$1000

Fully vaccinated NamPower employees to receive N$1000

In an attempt to encourage more employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19, NamPower last week announced a vaccination incentive programme that will award every fully vaccinated employee a once-off amount of N$ 1000.

The incentive, which is non-taxable, will run until 30 June 2022. NamPower relentlessly encourages employees to get vaccinated by arranging on-site vaccination services for employees. However, despite these efforts, NamPower’’s overall vaccination status remains low.

“NamPower will soon launch an internal vaccination campaign – an additional attempt to motivate employees to stand together and get vaccinated. Let us all play our part, we are stronger together,” NamPower MD, Simson Haulofu said.


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