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Five best shares to buy in Namibia

Five best shares to buy in Namibia

The Namibian Stock Exchange (NSX) is the official stock exchange of Namibia and one of the largest in Africa because of many dual or secondary listings to the exchange. The NSX focuses on ease of listings so that the market can be diversified and that there is more local content.

Many Namibian companies are listed on the NSX, and according to review site – these are some of the best ones.

Anglo American Plc (NSX: ANM)

Anglo American Plc is one of the most prominent companies listed on several stock exchanges, including the Namibian Stock Exchange. The company’s portfolio is spread across platinum group metals, copper, and diamonds.

The business segments of the company are spread across De Beers, Coal, Corporate, Phosphates, and several others. The current share price on ANM shares is 572.85 ZAR [2021/10/29] and this is one of the most lucrative shares for investors because of the P/E Ratio of 7.07, the EPS of R81.07, and a yield of 6.39%.

Bannerman Resources Limited (NSX: BMN)

Bannerman Resources Limited is listed on the Nigerian Stock Exchange and it is a company involved with a wide range of services in exploration and developments. Bannerman Resources Limited currently has a 100% interest in the Namibian Etango Uranium Project.

Bannerman Resources Limited currently trades at 3.57 ZAR with an average trading volume of 5.39k ZAR. Current market sentiment on BMN shares indicate an “Over”.

Paladin Energy Limited (NSX: PDN)

Paladin Energy Limited is an Australian-based company that is involved in the production of Uranium for international markets. Paladin Energy Limited is involved in the development and operation of several uranium mines that are spread across Africa, with global exploration operations in Africa, Canada, and Australia.

Paladin Energy Limited currently trades at 9.62 ZAR per share [2021/10/29] and shows significant long-term and short-term performance. In the past month, PDN prices have increased by 22.70% while the 1-year performance shows gains of over 555%, making this share attractive to investors.

Barloworld Limited (NSX: BWL)

Barloworld Limited is a large holding company for another group that distributes international brands. In addition to this, it is also involved with integrated rental, fleet management, a wide range of logistical solutions, and dedicated product support.

Barloworld Limited has a primary listing on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange in addition to being listed on both the Namibian and the London Stock exchanges. The current share price on BWL share is 127.31 ZAR [2021/10/29].

Barloworld Limited shows a significant amount of potential based on its recent performance in addition to the fact that analysts expect earnings to increase by 38.86% per year.

Forsys Metals Corporation (NSX: FSY)

Forsys Metals Corp. is a company that is involved in the acquisition, exploration, and development of mineral properties. Forsys Metals Corp. conducts its business either independently, or through strategic joint ventures with other entities.

The current share price on FSY is 11.69 ZAR [2021/10/29] and this share is attractive to investors based on the long-term and the short-term performance that it shows, with over 630% gain on the yearly price and 8.04% over the past month.

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