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Windhoek Multipurpose Youth Centre set to bridge the gap in service delivery to young people

Windhoek Multipurpose Youth Centre set to bridge the gap in service delivery to young people

The One Economy Foundation handed over the #BeFree building site on 31 January to the contractors, Afrideca Construction Namibia at the Windhoek Multipurpose Youth Centre in Katutura.

The foundation’s Head of Programmes, Steven Harageib said they are excited about building a youthful ecosystem that is accessible to young people from all corners of Windhoek.

“I am a product of the existing Windhoek Youth centre and I hope that the #BeFree Youth centre will provide similar life-changing opportunities to those who walk through its doors,” added Harageib.

Lead Architect of the Centre, Una Stuurman said the #BeFree Youth Centre is to serve as a safe space for young people to engage, learn, grow and innovate. “Here you can grow and be whatever you want to be and this centre will be the flagship project which should set a precedent for more youth centres to be set up across the country,” added Stuurman.

The Foundation said they led a series of focus-group discussions with youth, front-line service providers, parents, church leaders, teachers and community members from the surrounding area. They are confident that the values and aspirations of Project #BeFree resonate in the hears of their target audience.

They said the project intends to close the gaps in service delivery to young people by fostering innovative and engaging platforms that provide targeted, gender-sensitive and age-appropriate programming, plus the programmes will be diverse and inclusive and will cater for the specific needs of the youth.

“We remain committed to addressing structural poverty and the high levels of inequality by building bridges of opportunity,” they concluded.

(l-r): Steven Harageib, One Economy Foundation, Jeremy Scholtz, Una Stuurman Architects, Una Stuurman, Joseph Mushe, Afri Consulting Engineers, Saddam Biwa, One Economy Foundation, Faustina Mutengo, Afrideca Construction, Joseph Ndapoita, Afri Consulting Engineers, Paul Jansen, Burmeister and Partners, Vital Alexandre, Burmeister and Partners, Bruce Gardner, Afrideca Construction, Nick van Schalkwyk, Burmeister and Partners and Jeandre van Vuuren, Afrideca Construction.


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