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Technology Ministry enters internship programme with Trustco

Technology Ministry enters internship programme with Trustco

The Ministry of Information and Communication Technology (MICT) launched a joint information technology internship programme with the Trustco Group to equip Namibian ICT graduates with real-world working experience in the competitive corporate environment.

Through the programme, young graduate and certified Namibians will put their academic experience to the test and hone their skills for the lifelong employment growth path and eventually job security in a volatile labour market.

Emmanuel Joseph, a four-year graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Informatics, was selected as the successful applicant of this inaugural Trustco IT program. Upon completing his studies in Johannesburg, South Africa, he decided to come back home to apply all he learned in Namibia.

“It was a no-brainer decision for me. So many Namibians think that once they come of age they would like to leave the country for good, I was no different. After a month of having fun, and being out of ‘mommy’s nest,’ I felt terribly homesick,” Joseph said.

This program will be the beginning of Emmanuel’s IT career in the corporate world. It will provide him with the necessary skills to make a success of his career ahead.

“The working environment of Trustco is so pleasant, everyone from top to ground floor looks like they belong right here, comfortable and highly competitive in what they do. I will perform to the best of my ability here at Trustco, and I believe that if I give my best, I can become a fully-fledged ‘Trustconian’,” he added.

The one-year internship program focuses on freshly graduated IT candidates with no working experience. A program of this nature assists our youth to gain essential workplace skills that can be applied successfully in any future employment.

One of the requirements for the successful candidate was to pass the Trustco Group Integrated Annual Reports Test, a standardized policy for prospective employees and interns to comply with. It is an open-book multiple-choice test done online on the Annual Reports of Trustco which gave the potential interns the requisite background into Trustco’s business and operations and to equip them with a basic knowledge of the groups’ culture and operations.

The Deputy Minister of MICT, Emma Theofelus, expressed her excitement working alongside Trustco Group in launching this initiative.

“Our local government of today sees the need of creating platforms for the youth. Not in my wildest dreams did I foresee being part of the central government in my current capacity. Trustco has been an equal champion in developing programs around youth development and entrepreneurship that complements the efforts of the government. We would urge fellow corporates to follow suit,” she said.

“It is our national duty to look at projects that uplift the youth in Namibia. In an ever-changing
the working environment inspired by innovation and experience, and championed by both the youth and seasoned specialists in ICT, we see a bright future for the industry,” Chief Information Officer of Trustco Group David Swindon, said.

The program forms part of the successful social impact programs Trustco Group operates through all sectors of Namibian society. The group’s focus on Corporate Social Investment (CSI) ensures that its vision is in line with the government’s focus on youth development, an element of focus for the Harambee Prosperity Plan 2 (HPP2).

f.l.t.r: Emmanuel Joseph and MICT deputy minister, Emma Theofelus.


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