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Digital literacy competition set for October

Digital literacy competition set for October

Entrepreneurship Hub, Dololo DoBox will host the country’s first digital skills competition, the Windhoek 2021 Digilympics On Wednesday 06 October.

The competition which will address the increased need for digital infrastructure at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic will be hosted in partnership with Paratus, Startup Namibia (GIZ), Nictus Holding Pty and Pebl.

“Our mission is to make the issue of digital competency and tech-savviness public – as we strongly believe it is of uttermost importance for Namibia’s economic transformation: That is a Namibian population that enjoys a) access to the internet also in remote areas and b) has a high digital skills level. Yet we didn’t want to host just an ordinary conference on the subject, but create an entertaining event,” said Meike Neitz, Digital Ambassador with GIZ/Dololo.

Neitz said the Digilympics is looking for Namibia’s digital champions in a cool, interactive and fun way, while at the same time challenging people to think about their own skill level.

“How fit am I really in the digital sphere? How can I up my game? How can I help others to get connected and make use of the virtual world? We strongly believe that digitization serves to empower people and want to encourage Namibians to make use of that potential,” she said.

Competitors will first do a speed-typing test, a 1 minute, 3 minutes and 5 minutes sprint during which competitors compete for the fastest typing speed combined with the highest accuracy.

The second discipline is a practice test during which athletes have to complete tasks demonstrating their Web and Hardware navigation skills.

Lastly, the digital athletes will be given a multiple-choice test, with questions that will prove their knowledge of the virtual world. In both practical and multiple-choice tests, it is both speed and accuracy that counts.

The winner stands the chance to win: One Pebl Desktop bundle, comprising of one PEBL computer, 27-inch PEBL monitor and PEBL wireless keyboard and mouse combo. Other prizes are rewarded by Nictus, Paratus, DoBox and Cafe Prestige.

The competition is open to people of any age and educational background. Contestants can apply by sending a short e-mail to [email protected] . The Digilympics will start at 5 pm on 06 October. Guests who want to attend the event virtually can register here.

 Meike Neitz, Digital Ambassador with GIZ/Dololo.

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