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Business through education

Marietjie Katthage, Educational Consultant aims to be the best educational consultant in Namibia, by helping where she is needed. (Photograph by Mandisa Rasmeni).

Marietjie Katthage a retired teacher and education consultant, decided to start her own business after retirement because she believed that it is never to late for someone to start a business, and that age is just a number.

Katthage was a teacher for 25 years and she started her own business because she knew that she could make a difference in the lives of learners in Namibia. Currently Katthage is the principal owner of Educational Consultancy services, a company she started in April 2014.
The consultancy firm specialises in brain boosters, motivational development, leadership training, and orientation development.
So far since opening its doors the firm has several institutions which include, Jan Mohr Secondary School, Agri College, Windhoek Afrikaanse Private School, West side High and Koes Primary School to name but a few, that require the firm’s services.
Besides opening her consultant business one of her biggest achievements as a teacher is that she has never had a Biology or Physical Science pupil fail, she never gives up on her students. “Believe you can, believe yourself and never say no,” she advised.
“I am very grateful to be able to have helped to build a foundation for my students, because they still come back after they are done with their studies and thank me for helping them reach their goals,” she added.
She said even though the days do not have enough hours in it to complete everything, she will carry providing help where it is needed.
“Finding people with the same passion, to assist me is difficult at times, but I do aim to be the most know educational consultant in Namibian,” she said. She concluded by advising students and learners to have dreams and goals in life and achieve them. “If you can think it, you can achieve it, believe in yourself and try,” she concluded.

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