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Kentucky finds new home at Rundu Shell service station

Kentucky finds new home at Rundu Shell service station

The Kentucky Fried Chicken outlet in Rundu has moved to a kiosk on the premises of the Rundu Shell service station, a few kilometres from its previous site. The new KFC Rundu now features a drive-thru pickup point.

KFC Namibia’s General Manager, Ricky Brown, said “Moving KFC Rundu was a strategic decision. Whenever we can, we want to be able to offer our loyal customers a KFC Drive-thru experience, and at the new premises, that’s exactly what they are getting.” This allows fast, efficient service, and nobody has to stand in a queue.

“Drive-thru is something we now prioritise, in new store development,” said Brown adding that KFC customers love ordering this way.

KFC Namibia has restaurants across the country as far out as Katima Mulilo with 20 restaurants in total, and another two opening this year in Windhoek at Gammamsbrug and Klein Windhoek.

Since acquiring the franchise in 2020, KFC Namibia has caused a buzz in the market, reintroducing the public to the Kentucky they love and enjoy. “Having KFC Namibia as part of our Africa portfolio is a great honour,” said Brown “but it also comes with a huge responsibility, not only to our stakeholders, but to our customers! We make sure we deliver on excellence at every turn.”

Kentucky Fried Chicken in Rundu has moved to the Rundu Shell service station. The new Drive-thru pickup point can be seen on the left of the kiosk.



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