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Digital enabler launches commercial VSAT communications technology

Digital enabler launches commercial VSAT communications technology

Mobile Telecommunications Limited (MTC) this week announced the commercial launch of MTC’s Very Small Aperture Terminal (VSAT) communications technology.

During the promotion of the VSAT services a free VSAT kit worth N$ 13,299, and this will
be included; a free WI-FI router and a Voice over broadband (VoBB) extension with 100 free calling Minutes (out of out of bundle rates apply). Promotion is until stock last.

According to the dogital enabler in a statement, the service makes it possible to provide broadband internet services via a satellite connection. VSAT further provides mobile backbone services where MTC does not have terrestrial links to service mobile towers.

However, with MTC’s VSAT technology, internet connectivity will sheet areas where 2G/3G/4G and Spectra services are not available. This will enable customer in remote areas with little to no internet connectivity to have internet access and be able to communicate with colleagues, family and friends and as well as to improve services dependent on connectivity.

Some Benefits of VSAT connectivity may include and are not limited to increased reliability and redundancy in remote regions, easy deployment and no dependency on terrestrial links and lastly a reliable, fast and permanently available broadband services.

“Connectivity in African conditions remains a challenge, in Namibia more so challenging given the vast infrastructural inequalities between regions, towns, villages and settlements. At MTC we are fully ingrained that we need to find alternate and customer specific suited solutions for the benefit of all current and future consumers – and we will continue taking our responsibility seriously of being a digital enabler of choice – driving an agenda of an economy driven by digitization through pioneering solutions such as VSAT, raised Chief Corporate Affairs Tim Ekandjo.

Melvin Angula, MTC Chief Commercial Officer explained, “VSAT connectivity continues to play a critical role in remote connectivity and backhaul of sites for MTC. MTC is desirous to meet the growing need to carry more data, driven by shifts from traditional ways of interaction, communication, and collaboration to novel ways particularly social and multimedia-based means. There is a big push to take broadband services everywhere including remote places and therefore push for a cost-effective and reliable bandwidth that support these needs”.

For more information on how-to sign-up contact MTC at 13500 (tollfree) or email at [email protected]


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