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DHPS shows appreciation to health workers on ‘Day of Kindness’

DHPS shows appreciation to health workers on ‘Day of Kindness’

For their ‘Day of Kindness’ the Deutsche Höhere Privatschule Windhoek (DHPS) took the time to thank the many health workers for their tireless efforts in these challenging times.

Tina Crüys, Public Relations Coordinator at DHPS said that on 1 July classes, colleagues and teachers joined forces and came up with creative ideas on how to thank and encourage health workers through kind gesture.

“They let their imagination run free and created countless posters as part of the Namibia ThanksYou campaign, composed greeting cards and poems, designed artworks and found so many different ways to say thank you,” she said.

She added that they also brought home-baked muffins or meringue to the teams of Pathcare Namibia and the staff of Lady Pohamba Hospital, donated energy bars for caregivers as part of Maerua Superspar’s initiative, and even personally handed over encouraging posters to the hospital staff.

“All the family members, friends, teachers colleagues within the DHPS school community were also considered as a heartfelt thank you went to the parents who are currently so understanding, to the friends who are supportive, and to the DHPS teachers who work tirelessly for their learners in times of distance learning,” she emphasised.

She also thank all the learners and staff for this dedicated effort as part of the DHPS Day of Kindness and the wishes and artwork can be seen on the DHPS social media and can be shared.


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