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First title in 30 years to detail the majority of Namibia’s protected areas released this week

First title in 30 years to detail the majority of Namibia’s protected areas released this week

The official launch of Helge Denker’s new 436-page book on twenty two of Namibia’s parks had to be cancelled this week but the book’s release has still gone ahead. This is the first comprehensive title in thirty years that covers local state-protected areas and two large private game reserves.

Entitled Namibia Nature Parks, the new guidebook can be ordered at The Narrative Namibia for N$490 or it can be bought at all Gondwana lodges and hotels as from next week, 14 June. The book will also be distributed to leading bookstores in the major towns.

For each of the featured parks, Namibia Nature Parks is an in-depth guide that details landscapes and geomorphology, fauna and flora, history, current conservation priorities, research initiatives and findings, as well as what happens beyond the parks’ boundaries.

Other features include fact sheets and detailed park maps showing all visitor routes as well as fascinating and informative nature notes, travel tips and other important information.

Namibia Nature Parks is a conservation initiative. The proceeds from the book will support community conservation in Namibia. The funds will be administered by the Gondwana Care Trust.

The compilation of the book is a private sector initiative, supported by Gondwana Collection Namibia and the author Helge Denker, with the Capricorn financial services group funding the printing of the first edition of 2,000 copies.

The project is also an extension to the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Tourism’s information material for Namibia’s state-protected areas.

During 2016–2017, Denker compiled a series of guide maps for the ministry, portraying most of Namibia’s state parks. The new book is an extension of this work, providing more comprehensive information and featuring all state-protected areas, thereby filling a crucial information gap.

A Namibian by birth, Denker has spent his life working either directly in or on projects related to wildlife and wild spaces. His work as an artist-naturalist, guide, photographer, writer and development consultant has taken him on extended field assignments across the country. He has published well over 100 popular articles and has written extensively on environmental issues, community conservation and wildlife crime.


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