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Swaco Group keeps up its long-standing support of the Save the Rhino Trust

Swaco Group keeps up its long-standing support of the Save the Rhino Trust

Conservation of the Kunene Region’s free-roaming black rhino population is not possible without the support of international donors and local corporate sponsors. Last week, the rhinos’ custodian, the Save the Rhino Trust, received a substantial contribution from the diversified Namibian group, the Swaco Group of Companies.

Group chairman, Manfred Böttger, said they are a long-standing supporter of the trust, helping to secure a future for the critically endangered black rhino. “Swaco’s generous contribution to the amount of N$64,400 includes participation in the trust’s “Adopt a Rhino” programme and will also be used for uniforms for a tracker team,” he said.

The trust’s chairperson, Maxi Louis, expressed her gratitude to Swaco, challenging other Namibian companies to join the fight to secure the future for the iconic wild rhinos of Damaraland and the Kaokoveld. “Most of our donors are still internationally based but as an organisation we are challenged by these donors to also secure financial support from local businesses”, she said.

“Namibia’s black rhinos are a national treasure and we should all be pulling together to support efforts to keep them safe,” she added.

The rhinos of the Kunene region are the only population worldwide surviving on communal land with no formal conservation status. Furthermore, they are the largest truly free-ranging black rhino population left in the world.

She encourage other benefactors to visit the Save the Rhino Trust website at to learn about adopting a rhino. This can be done by an individual, a family, a group of friends, a school or a business.

Caption: Save the Rhino Trust chairperson, Maxi Louis (front right) with the Swaco Group of Companies chairman, Manfred Böttger (front left). Standing are, from the left, Surita Smit, Swaco Company Secretary, Douw Calitz, a Swaco director and Karen Lind, also a Swaco director.


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