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Local animation and film company eyes future productions on the international scene

Local animation and film company eyes future productions on the international scene

An animation and film company, Inchiology Studios, which produced a commercial for Namib Mills, Pasta Polana products managed to reach the African leg level of the Ciclope Festival Awards.

Creative Director of Inchiology, Inna Goroh said even though they did not make it to the next round, seeing their name next to the best VFX and Animation Studios on the continent was humbling and validating to them.

“I do not know if we expected to win, we hoped to win but we were aware that the other two pieces were really strong, but we were just glad the judges saw fit to put our work next to their,” he expressed.

Describing how their journey started Inna said as a company they thrive on taking cool and challenging ideas and bringing them to life. “The agency, Advantage Y&R had put together a creative campaign that included print, radio, TV and social media and the idea was to sell the Pasta Polana product range as an everyday meal that could be served differently each day,” he explained.

He said when the client approached them, they provided reference to indicate the style of animation they wanted. “We jumped at the idea, looking forward to the challenge and it was go from there,” he expressed.

Including his team Inna said directing the AD, took weeks of dedicated hours and it was a combined effort by the Inchiology creators, namely himself, Jacob Shichilenge and Matias Filemon and they enlisted the services of their sister company, Page 10 to light and photograph the animation process.

“We worked along side the copy writer and Audio Art and to craft the music from the Radio version to something more suitable for the AD, plus our musical background helped a lot in this regard, while Domingo Sound worked in our studio to create sound effects that helped bring the animation to life,” said Inna.

Inna and his team are glad they took on the challenge, even though they are relatively new to the stop motion animation, they understood the complexities and they are glad they pulled it off.

For the future of Inchiology, their goal and ethos has always been to be passionate people creating awesome work for happy clients and audience. “We plan to continue to check those boxes, who knows we might meet the competition again next year, better and stronger,” he added.

As per their companies name Inchiology, they will play the long game, growing and making strides daily, taking it inch by inch.


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