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Sutherland new GM at Kraatz Steel

Connie Sutherland is the new man leading Kraatz Steel.

Connie Sutherland is the new man leading Kraatz Steel.

Kraatz Steel recently announced that Connie Sutherland has been appointed as new General Manager. Kraatz Steel is a sister company to Kraatz Marine and forms part of the Ohlthaver & List Group. Sutherland holds a three year engineering diploma and has vast experience in the field of engineering, having worked for Iscor in South Africa for many years.
Sutherland joined Kraatz Marine 18 months ago as a project manager on the industrial. He said “I was surprised to see how well O&L was looking after their employees and I was introduced to the “Best Company To Work For”concept for the first time in my life. Everybody working for O&L should be very proud of being employed by a company with such credentials.
So far the greatest challenge Sutherland has faced has been to help Kraatz Marine’s industrial side establish a footprint at the mines and industries.  When looking at the next three to five years, he said: “I will implement the new Service Centre on the Kraatz Steel platform adding value to our existing range of products, and I will also concentrate on sales by Kraatz Steel through rigorous customer interaction.”

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