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Dundee donates antibacterial soap to primary schools in Tsumeb

Dundee donates antibacterial soap to primary schools in Tsumeb

“Practising social distancing, avoiding non-essential travel or visits, wearing a mask, continuously washing your hands, and keeping them clean all the time, are critical actions that will ensure we do not contract or spread the COVID-19 virus, said the Managing Director of Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb at a small ceremony last Friday when the smelter operator boosted hygiene at primary school by donating a large consignment of antibacterial soap.

Kasete said that COVD-19 has brought about vast professional and business opportunities that will contribute to economic development. He encouraged science teachers to collaborate and come up with innovative ways to produce soap.

Ludwigshafen Primary teacher, Rochelle Nanunes thanked Dundee for the generous donation and for always thinking about the children and teachers in the community. “We will surely put the soap to good use and start the year safely,” she said.

Dundee Precious Metals Tsumeb is a subsidiary of Canadian major, Dundee Precious Metals. It operates the copper smelter in the former mining town of Tsumeb, employing about 800 people.


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