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KFC Namibia releases official track featuring Gazza

KFC Namibia releases official track featuring Gazza

Through its Let’s Go 50/50 concept, KFC Namibia collaborated with Gazza, to work on the official track for KFC Namibia called ‘Check-O-Bou’.

Let’s go 50/50 was a first of its kind, and the same concept was followed in Botswana and Lesotho, each country showcasing their respective music talent with an established local artist as mentor.

At the beginning of November, KFC invited talented musicians to a secret Facebook group, which served as a platform for musicians to share their thoughts about the Mandoza 50/50 song and what it meant to them.

This gave participants some inspiration for their song writing journey. Upcoming musicians were then asked to upload their own rendition of the 50/50 Mandoza song on the secret group for Gazza to select from. The first selection process included 11 candidates that were given 24 hours to upload another 1-minute video, and from these, the final 6 candidates were chosen.

These six candidates were then asked to group themselves into duos and had 2 days to rehearse and learn choreography, all under the guidance of Gazza Music Productions’ world-class team. Sensei and Vikta Juiceboy won the prize and had the opportunity to record ‘Check-O-Bou’ with Gazza. The song is available on YouTube.

According to Henriette Crouse, Brand Manager at KFC Namibia, the 30/50 concept will be continued in KFC restaurants for the duration of the festive season. Every day in December, KFC patrons can purchase an item of the day for 50% off the normal price.

Sensei, Henriette Crouse, Gazza and Vikta Juiceboy.

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