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Dancers and actors stand together against gender violence

Dancers and actors stand together against gender violence

The Ombetja Yehinga Organisation (OYO) with support from the German Embassy in Windhoek will launch their new clip ‘the Moirai’ on all their social media platforms on 28 October, to create social awareness using the arts.

Dr Philipe Talavera, who directed and choreographed the piece said ‘the Moirai’ is a piece they created years ago, but sadly years later it is still relevant.

“The clip follows the journey of a young woman in an abusive relationship until that critical moment when she has to take a decision, to stay, which means probably dying or to leave and that point is materialized by the arrival of the Moirai, the Greek Goddesses of Fate,” he explained.

Talavera said it is important for them to unite dancers and actors around this theme, to add their voices to the #shutitalldown movement doing what they do best, which is performing.

“We hope many people will watch the clip and enjoy it and we hope it will further the discussion around the need to end violence in Namibian, because nobody should feel threatened or scared any longer,” he added.

Talevera said that ‘the Moirai’ was shot in different locations around Windhoek, the clip version is 15 minutes long and will be premiered on OYO’s facebook page, free of charge.

Gender violence has made headlines lately, with the #shutitalldown movement, were people from all walks of live are protesting against the fact that no one feels safe any more.

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, OYO has warned that the lockdown, job losses and frustration will lead to increased violence, therefore, it is time to stand up and work together towards creating a better Namibia for all.




Desmond Kamerika, the leader of Moirai

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