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Germany-based charity donates sunscreen worth N$3 million in support of people living with albinism

Germany-based charity donates sunscreen worth N$3 million in support of people living with albinism

People who are affected by albinism can now enjoy some respite from the relentless sun when a German charity, Support e.V., donated a very large consignment of sunscreen lotion and sunglasses to the local organisation, SINASRA (Support in Namibia of Albinism Sufferers Requiring Assistance).

Representing SINASRIA, Dr Peter Stoermer said it is a welfare organization registered with the Ministry of Health and Social Services. It started as a Rotary project but has since developed into an independent entity. Its objective, as the name depicts, is to help improve the living conditions for persons living with albinism in Namibia.

The donation consists of over 9000 packs of SPF 30/50 Vichy and Eucerin sunscreen lotion as well as untested sunglasses and another 200 tubes of Avene and La Roche-Passay SPF 50 & 30 lotion. Its commercial value exceeds N$3 million.

Support e.V, Ulm, a non-profit organization based in Ulm, Germany, is headed by Professor Dr Heinz Maier. He sourced the valuable sunscreen lotion to support people living with albinism in Namibia. Support e.V. Ulm is the same organisation that supports the Otavi Ohorongo Community Trust and the health ministry with medical equipment. It has supported SINASRIA since 2015.

Dr Maier sourced the lotions in Germany from benefactors like Fa. Beyeresdorf and Dr Dieter Benz-Hirsch Pharmacy in Ulm.

Dr Stoermer said albinism is a manageable condition provided there is adequate funding to support albinos in their unique lifestyles. Namibia has the most albinos per capita in the world, with an estimated 2000 out of about 2.4 million people living with the condition. While there is government support at individual level, more funding is required to take care of the needs of the community at large.

“SINASRA and the Albino communities in Namibia are very appreciative of the generous donations received from Support e.V. Sunscreen is very expensive and we will continue to distribute the sunscreen to Albino organizations and hospitals throughout the country, free of charge to those affected.”


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