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Development Bank appoints Eiman as head of SME division

Development Bank appoints Eiman as head of SME division

Seasoned veteran of business finance, Robert Eiman, has taken over the reigns at the Development Bank of Namibia’s SME Finance department.

The move to place the department under a head follows the bank’s resumption of SME activities in 2018.

Eiman was formerly acting head of Investments at DBN of which Hellen Amupolo has taken over . His experience in the field of SMEs is augmented by experience as head of SMEs at FNB Namibia. He holds an MBA (UNAM) and various certificates from the Institute of Bankers.

Under this new position, Eiman will manage the skills-based facility for young professionals and artisans which is housed in the SME function, as well as the apex micro-lending facility. The apex micro-lending facility makes capital available for micro-lenders with a beneficial development impact to lend onwards to the public.

Eiman said that the operational emphasis will be to strengthen due diligence on applications. He noted that the recession and the Covid-19 pandemic has shown that it is vital that applicants show the best possible prospects of success. This he added will secure the financial wellbeing of owners, as well as their employees.

According to him the aim of strengthened due diligence is to ensure that businesses financed by DBN have strong prospects of success. However, Eiman acknowledged, the bank will at its own discretion, do what it can to assist businesses facing challenges.

Caption: Robert Eiman, head of the Development Bank of Namibia’s SME Finance department.

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