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2021 National Population and Housing Census gets boost from Old Mutual

2021 National Population and Housing Census gets boost from Old Mutual

Long-term insurer, Old Mutual on Thursday contributed N$120,000 to the National Population and Housing Census that will be carried out by the Namibia Statistics Agency next year.

Speaking at the handover, Old Mutual Group Chief Executive, Kosmas Egumbo said the company is a signatory to the United Nation’s Development Goals and supports initiatives that are aligned to their Responsible Business ethos.

“We constantly look out for opportunities whose outcomes enable improving financial wellbeing and catalysing the financial resilience of society. COVID-19 has exposed the lack of financial resilience at individual and corporate level hence the need to have accurate information from household level for corporates upon which planning decisions can be made to support healthy macro-economic growth and ultimately help to address pervasive poverty and inequality,” he continued.

The 4th Population and Housing consensus that is due to kick off in 2021, is among the most important, yet complex, data collection exercises in the country, Egumbo added.

“The array of information it will collect such as the age, gender, marital status, mortality, education, literacy, orphanhood, disability and the quality and availability of housing facilities are all vital data for evidence-based planning and decision-making in our businesses as well,” he observed.

The National Population and Housing Census  is done every ten years. Namibia has completed three censuses since Independence with 2021 to be the fourth.

Kosmas Egumbo (left), Group Chief Executive, Old Mutual with Alex Shimuafeni, Statistician General and  Chief Executive of the Namibia Statistics Agency.


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