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Showtime to headline Night Under the Stars

Showtime to headline Night Under the Stars

Night Under the Stars (NUST) is back with a concert, featuring Showtime, scheduled for 2 October. Only the first 40 audience members will be allowed entry at the cost of N$20 per person and the concert starts at 19:00.

Showtime in a statement said he is not just a Hip-Hop artist, but wants the audience to experience other combinations of what he is capable of.

He aims to create a unique sound by combining Hip-Hop lyrics and arrangements with Trap beats, something he identifies as the sound of the future.

“Tranergy is where Hip-Hop meets Soul music and it is the energy within the chaos of banging 808 and speeding hi-hats, it is the sound of the future and I am here to see it through,” he emphasised.

According to Showtime the art of a live band transforming what could have been recorded already into new tracks is his favourite part of a live performance.

“I come from a group of expressive persons, who appreciate music and arts as tools for communications, plus I consider myself a phoenix and I know that a child out there could also be going through what I rap about, so my music highlights the power of the mind when going through tough times and rising again,” he added.

The young entertainer is inviting the audience to attend NUTS and experience the product of his evolution as an artist.

“I recently also started experimenting with incorporating other languages into my music and would like the audience to come with an open heart and mind, willing to experience the energy of myself and DAY OFF on stage, cooking up something new,” he added.

He will be accompanied by DAY OFF a group of musicians whom he said produce a unique sound. NUTS has provided many young and upcoming Namibian musicians with the opportunity to showcase their talents through live performance, since 2014.


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