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You owe it to your family to take care of your heart

You owe it to your family to take care of your heart

With the marking of World Heart Day on Tuesday, 29 September, the Namibia Heart Foundation encourages Namibians to take a breather and think about heart disease.

The foundation’s Executive Officer, Gerhard de Koe said that being aware of your heart includes being knowledgeable about the potential consequences in case of a Covid-19 infection.

In a preliminary WHO analysis of 14 countries in the African region, hypertension, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and asthma are the co-morbidities most associated with COVID-19 patients. These chronic conditions require continuous treatment, but as governments address the ongoing pandemic, health services for non-communicable diseases have been disrupted.

The foundation’s chairman, the Rev. Zack Pienaar, will flight a special awareness broadcast on NBC TV’s Good Morning Namibia show on Tuesday 29 September.

The Namibia Heart Foundation is a non-profit organisation that endeavours to stop Namibians dying prematurely from cardiovascular diseases, as well as strokes, by equipping them with the appropriate life-saving knowledge and inspiring them to adopt healthy lifestyles.

Executive Officer of the Namibia Heart Foundation, Gerhard de Koe.


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