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Cancer Association offers screening for men every Tuesday

Cancer Association offers screening for men every Tuesday

The Cancer Association of Namibia will conduct Men’s Health Clinics every Tuesday of November, in efforts to combat cancer in the country

According to CAN, Prostate cancer and testicular cancer are the most common type of cancers among young men (15-37 years) and often men are completely unaware if they have it.

In efforts to create awareness CAN will conduct the screenings and booking must be made in advance by telephone and the cost is N$70 per Namibian male, (please bring and ID).

The clinic session will include an education session, family history and personal history consultation PSA screening, which is a prick of the finger and blood taken, as a first step in cancer screening.

According to CAN, the ‘Movember Movement’ is a men’s health initiative in support of the early detection of male forms of cancer and Namibia has been participating in the movement for the last decade.

Early detection and endeavors to eliminate stigmas surrounding both types of cancer is done by CAN by encouraging men to grow a beard or moustache and challenge one another to have a medical check-up done. It further encourages men to share their health concerns with their peers.

Worldwide, there are 48,500 new patients diagnosed with testicular cancer each year and 8,900 of these men will die. As for prostate cancer, it mainly occurs in older men and abut 6 cases out of 10 are diagnosed in men aged 65 or older but it is rare before age 40 and both times of cancer are curable I detected at the early stages.



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