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Online Covid-19 information hub launched

Online Covid-19 information hub launched

An interactive COVID-19 data hub to generate and display timely, accurate population and infrastructure data that supports the government’s response and prevention measures was launched this week.

The hub is spearheaded by the Namibia Statistics Agency together with the Ministry of Health and Social Services, United Nations Economic Commission for Africa, Environmental Systems Research Institute , Global Partner for Sustainable Development Data and GRID3.

In an effort to make the crucial geospatial data available universally, findings are openly accessible on the hub, which allows for easy interaction and interpretation for experts and users new to the field of data.

“We all together must ensure the most effective use of data to continue to swiftly control the pandemic while providing transparent and high-quality information to all Namibians,” said Tulimegameno Amutenya, Manager of Data Processing at the Statistics Agency.

In addition to COVID-19 case numbers, recoveries, and death toll, the site features data on the health risks that can make COVID-19 particularly dangerous. The location of people suffering from ailments like diabetes, heart conditions, respiratory illnesses, or cancer are comprehensively mapped and can be analysed and combined with other exacerbating characteristics like population density and access to information technology. This allows the user to obtain a comprehensive overview of health risks in the country.

“The level of professionalism, expertise and open-mindedness towards new approaches displayed by the Namibian Government, Namibia Statistics Agency, and Ministry of Health and Social Services made it possible to carry out this important endeavour,” said Justine Dowden, GRID3’s country lead for Namibia.

The hub also visualises health risks such as diabetes and heart disease by region, comparative COVID-19 risk, and general demographics.

For more information one can visit the site at

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