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Cricket Namibia continues with quest to upskill staff and national players

Cricket Namibia continues with quest to upskill staff and national players

With the postponement of tournaments and fewer cricket activities, Cricket Namibia continues striving for excellence and dedicated 2020 to be a year of upskilling of staff and national players.

2021 will be an exciting year for the Eagles with lots of exposure and media training is an important aspect for the Eagles.

In the search of a media training facilitator, Cricket Namibia CEO Johan Muller happened to meet with MiLLi* Trust Acting-Director, Lizette Feris at NBC.

MiLLi* is Namibia’s new Media and Information Literacy Learning Initiative and was initiated in 2015. Muller believing in the importance of individual capacity-building was impressed with the work that MiLLi has been doing for the Namibian youth, as they provide certified qualification for Media and Information Literacy (MIL).

The logistics for the training were finally settled and was held at the Safari Court Hotel on 12 August.

During the 1 day training on the social media manual “Power to Empower”, for constructive engagement on social media, the players learned about the power of social media, the opportunities, and the risks involved.

At the end of the training, the players were equipped to produce social media stories and live videos on topics that they felt were important, such as Keep us going in favor of the restaurants, Explore our Namibia to promote local tourism, End lockdown in Walvis Bay, and #Fishrot requesting that local fishing companies get the fishing quotas and give fishermen at the coastal town a lifeline.

These chosen topics by the players showed that the Eagles are interested and care for their communities and are very passionate about Namibia and it’s resources.

MiLLi* Acting Director, Feris was pleased to facilitate the media training for the Eagles. “I really enjoyed spending time with our sport heroes, and they were really engaged during this training. Most of them said they had learned a lot about managing their own social channels, and that they had fun. We are so proud to have the opportunity to interact with the national cricket team.”

“This was an educational and fun-filled initiative and we are privileged that the MiLLi* team facilitated the media training for the Eagles. We look forward to working again in the future with MiLLi* and we are proud to finally become part of the FaMiLLi*,” Feris added.


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