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Poly launches electronic voting system

The President of the Polytechnic of Namibia’s Student Representative Council (SRC), Sylas Mungoba last week announced the latest innovation on campus: an electronic voting system for the 2013/14 SRC elections.
Campaigns got in full swing upon the announcement of of the SRC candidates for 2014. “Students will vote for their preferred candidate, per portfolio through an electronic voting system and will no longer have to fill in ballot papers,” said Chairperson of the Election Committee Titus Shivute.
“Students will vote by logging onto the system with their student numbers and Kiosk PIN. Students can access the system via a link on the official Polytechnic website and student Intranet,” he added.
Adding to this Mungoba also stated “We are proud to be moving with the times my team are happy to have innovations such as these launched during our time in office. We encourage the incoming SRC to take all these steps a little further, the Polytechnic is all about innovation after all.”
There will be polling stations at the cafeteria and auditorium from 10: 00 to 21:00 as provision for students who are unable to access the IT System for various reasons. The electronic voting system is one of many changes to be made as the institution is scheduled to become a university.

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