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Hoebes welcomes UN’s US$1 million boost to fight climate change, drought

Hoebes welcomes UN’s US$1 million boost to fight climate change, drought

The United Nations System in Namibia this week donated US$1 million to assist the country in combating climate change.

The Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Christine Hoebes, in her opening remarks at a joint breakfast meeting with the UN system in Namibia said, the world is facing existential threat from climate change; technological advances that may change labour markets; the prospect of autonomous weapons systems, diseases that are more resistant to anti-biotics among others.

“We are starting to see the life-threatening impact of climate change on health, through air pollution, heatwave and risks to food security. The impacts of climate change are being felt by every Namibian and everywhere on the globe, resulting in very real consequences on people’s lives,” she said.

Hoebes said the contribution is such a welcome boost to government coffers and especially to those who are affected by drought and the resultant food scarcity.

According to UN representative to Namibia Rachel Odede, the organization as is joining member states in finding ways of combating climate change.

“We are in full support together with our agencies in finding ways to fight challenges associated with climate change,” she added.

The join meeting initiative was born out of discussions between Hoebes and Odette, with the aim to create a platform where the UN System, Diplomatic Corp and Stakeholder Offices/ Ministries/ Agencies would converge on issues of mutual interest.


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