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Coalition of Churches call on government to remove comprehensive sexuality education in school curriculum

Coalition of Churches call on government to remove comprehensive sexuality education in school curriculum

The Coalition of Churches and Faith based Organisation on Ethical Social Justice are troubled with the recently introduced education programme, called comprehensive sexuality education (CSE).

To back up their fears the Coalition explained that according to a 2019 global study, ‘Re-examining the Evidence of CSE in Schools’, CSE has had more negative results than positive, compared to abstinence education.

The study showed increased sexual activity amongst students, increased oral and forced sex, increased pregnancies as well as increased sexuality transmitted diseases.

“CSE has been flaunted around the world as the solution, panacea and the be all and end all, to address challenges in the area of teenage pregnancies, family planning, HIV/AIDS and gender based violence, but, it has been founded to promote gender identity preferences, sexual orientation, homosexuality, sexual pleasure amongst children and abortion,” they reiterated.

The Coalition believes that those who are running the school education system should not blindly accept foreign programme that undermine the very moral fabric of our society, because the future of this Nation would be at stake if CSE is continued in the country. “We therefore believe that an ethical home grown sex education programme put together by family friendly experts from Namibian would address the identified challenges in this area, in order to attain our Vision 2030 objectives,” they emphasised.

The Churches stand ready to assist the Government in this regard and they urged members of the public to be aware of the dangers of CSE and to oppose its further implementation in the country.

“We call upon the government to henceforth remove any reference to comprehensive sexuality education in our school curriculum, in order to protect our children and preserve the future of our beloved Nation, Namibia,” they added.

According to them this is a serious treat to the future harmony, peace and stability of the Namibia family set up and the nation at large.

They highlighted that formal education remains the most effective way to develop children and to train up a nation. “The subjects and morals taught in a school education system reflect the priorities and the direction of a nation, it indicates the very soul of the nation,” they concluded.


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