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Concerning the economy

Dear sir,
Allow me some brief observations on the local economy seen against the background [of your weekly radio interviews].
Regarding the new dam in the south: where will the water come from? Back in 1954, when I was attending school in Keetmanshoop, I experienced a severe drought. The new reservoir will be three times the size of Hardap with hundreds of [new] farmers. What will follow, I think, is years of drought. Already I can hear the outcry: We need emergency assistance!
On the Chinese economy
Millions of Chinese are working overseas where they survive only on a minimum amount of money so that they can send the surplus back home. This happens across the entire globe. What is the effect [of the repatriated funds] on the Chinese economy?
On exchange rates
In any comparison of purchasing power between different countries, a standard element of comparison is required e.g. the cost of housing, food, energy, water and sanitation. A good benchmark in each country is the budget for a family of four in relation to their household income. European visitors [to Namibia] are of the opinion that everything is affordable here. Compare this to the fact that while in Holland, I had to pay three times as much for a meal for three as what I would have paid in Walvis Bay for a meal for five people.
Henk de Smit
Walvis Bay
(Translated from German – Ed.)

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